Scholastic Infrastructure

The college has all around outfitted and open physical foundation according to UGC/University standards spread in a territory of 8 canals 0r 1 acres area where the Constructed Area is 38800 Sq. Ft Open Area is 4880Sq. Ft and the Total Land Area is 43680Sq. Ft. The college has 12 Classroom outfitted with present-day ICT facilities, 01 Multipurpose corridors with most recent offices for directing workshops, classes and preparing programs having a seating limit of in excess of 150 people, 01 Conference room having a seating limit of 70 people, 01 libraries with a collection of 5900 books, computer laboratory with air-cooled room facility, Psychological Laboratory, Educational Technology cell, Method Laboratory, Science Laboratory, Teaching Aid room, 2 normal rooms one for young men and one for young ladies, staff rooms, Modern Restroom facilities, outdoor theater and playfields and so fort.


The College has its own open very much outfitted lodging with every single present-day pleasantry for girls understudies in the school premises. Designation of inn seats is done on first start things out served reason for the outcasts.

The facilities of TV and the Internet, Indoor Games is additionally given to the hostelers so they can appreciate their recreation time. For additional subtleties and accessibility of seats, would-be hostelers/guests are encouraged to meet the Counselor/Warden of the inn.

Reprographic Facilities

The College gives facilities to copying, printing, and looking over fast scanners and printers which are accessible at different areas in the college grounds including the library.

Games and Co-Curricular Facilities

The college gives a rich program of co-curricular exercises for instructor learners for the inside and out of the improvement of their characters. The college has facilities for games in particular badminton, volleyball, handball, kabaddi, table tennis, long hopping, running, and kho-kho for the understudies. Bury class competitions are held consistently.

A typical space for young men and young ladies is accessible with offices for indoor games like table tennis, carom, chess etc. The college has an assembly room equipped for seating 150-200 individuals, which is accessible for co-curricular exercises like discussions, tests and other co-curricular exercises, and so on.

Clinical Facility

The College gives First Aid medical facilities to the understudies and staff. A Part-time Doctor and entire time Medical Assistant have been locked in for the reason. A system with Medical Institutions has been set up for normal registration and crisis treatment of understudies.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

Sacred Heart College of Education enjoys the privilege of having established a full-fledged NSS Unit, which is run under the auspices of the University of Jammu. Every year 130 students are enrolled in the NSS Unit and the activities/camps are organized regularly. Community participation, living and upliftment through social service and socially useful and productive activities are some of the avowed aims of the NSS unit for which the college has won kudos at different levels.


The College has a roomy container taking into account the understudies just as the individuals from staff.

Continuous Power Supply

To guarantee nonstop flexibly of power in the school, a generator of appropriate limit has been introduced for the college.

Continuous Water Supply

To guarantee nonstop flexibly of water in the college,

Visitor Room Facilities

The College has its own extensive all around outfitted Guest Room with every cutting edge luxury for Guest in the college premises.


Feedback System

The college has a 360-degree input instrument for upgrading quality and greatness in different administrations being provided.The 360-degree criticism incorporates self-examination, understudy appraisal of instructors, and input from scholarly companions, staff and the executives. The foundation utilizes input to improve the showing learning procedure and school functioning.The accentuation of the program is formative, planned for helping and persuading people to achieve their most extreme potential to build viability of the instructive framework. Every appraiser guarantees that the assessment procedure is led impartially.


A tale highlight of the school is the association of a day by day practicum period in which workshops, courses, conversations, exhibit educating, group instructing, activity research and different exercises of outside the study hall nature are sorted out.

ICT in Teaching Learning

The college utilizes ICT for getting ready scholarly encouraging plans and refreshing the educating content. In addition, the utilization of ICT in the school is likewise made in the educational program exchange. ICT utilization is stressed in the educational plan to a degree where its use turns into a propensity for understudies and employees in their day by day schedules. One of the scholastic targets of the school is to educate at any rate of 30% of the educational plan through ICT for which the employees have arranged definite force point introductions on different topics. Orientation customized is likewise composed to familiarize and prepare the workforce and the understudies in the utilization of ICT every now and then.

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