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Students are engaged in active learning. There is proper arrangement in the Library to use the Library facilities by going through different newspaper/ journals/ Books displayed properly.

Internships and practicum work is carried out in actual classroom work by deputing students along with their supervisors to various visiting schools where day to day experiences are recorded, lessons are delivered according to already established plan.

The second phase of the activities i.e. practicum work is conducted at two levels-- Micro and Macro Levels. Micro teaching comprising of 15 working days is carried out in the same college, while as Macro teaching comprising of 20 working days is carried out in the various schools. In Micro teaching fives Lectures are delivered on each skill i.e. Stimulus variation, Reinforcement and Questioning and in the practicing School 10 Lectures on each teaching subject are delivered. The Students deliver 10 observation Lectures followed by 2 Criticism lectures. All the activities are recorded in a Lesson Plan and Internship file duly attested by the Head of the institution of the visiting school and the concerned supervisor. Both the notebooks (Lesson plan & Internship file) are countersigned by the Principal of the College.

For Practice of Teaching as mentioned earlier, different schools of around Jammu city are being taken up. The supervisors remain throughout the period with the students.